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December 3, 2010
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Winter Greeting by manic-goose Winter Greeting by manic-goose
To sum them up a bit, these two are the companions of a Fox Kin Samo-Yan, or a Kitsune. They are both actually a few hundred years old, kept young looking by the fox magic. These twins are a boy and a girl named Maura and Luutsy. I'm sure you can tell who is who. Luutsy is more impish than Maura, but Maura is more manipulative. The Fox Kin in question is named Danyaar, and he is also a red fox.

That being said, this is the Christmas card I am sending to friends and family this year. It was done with pen, markers watercolor pastels and colored pencils. My aim was to make them as ridiculously cute as I could possibly manage. So, is this the most insanely cute thing you have ever seen me draw? If so, I accomplished my goal.

I will be submitting this to a couple contests.
This contest about drawing a picture with a snowman in it hosted by `Damaged927 : [link]
And the winter OC contest being hosted by :iconloveocs: [link]

This is being entered as an entry for the Christmas is in the Air contest here: [link] being held by :iconourarea51:

Lines, in case you would like to try your hand at coloring them too:

Unpolished excerpt from in the Time of Dragons

Kiala and Koji made their way through the snow, her concern growing with each step. She hadn’t seen the old woman since before she left… it was of course amazing the wrinkled creature was still alive after all that time, but with a harsh winter like this, it was starting to look less and less likely that this was still true. As she grew nearer, she could smell smoke coming from a fire. This confused her, as images of the dilapidated building from her memories resurface. Hole in the roof, no glass on the windows; it was a shack ready to fall apart at any moment, and as far as she remembered, there was no fireplace.

“A fire?” She voiced.

“Well of course, it is cold out,” Koji commented dryly. “I don’t think anyone, plant lover or not, would forgo a warm fire on a day like this.” This of course had nothing to do with her concern, but she let it drop. Koji didn’t seem worried about his old acquaintance, so she chose not to worry either.

As they made her way into the clearing, they were greeted by the most astounding sight. The shack was replaced by a house. It was a large Western style home, nestled snugly in the corner of the clearing, a wisp of smoke escaping from a comely chimney. This sight was so wrong that her first thought was that someone had finally tricked the old woman out of her place and built their own home… but that thought was interrupted by the sound of playful yipping.

Two young red foxes, not yet fully grown, came bounding up; one chewing on the ear of the other. The one whose ear was being assaulted fell over, bringing the other down on top of it. They scuffled for a while before they noticed they were being watched. The smaller one bounced up and looked at them curiously, the other stayed down, looking at them from behind its fluffy tail. It was the cutest thing Kiala had ever seen, and she instantly forgot about her concerns.

“Foxes? But they are being so friendly.” She exclaimed in delight.

“Well of course they are. I would think that they are used to people by now.” He knelt down and started petting both of them, and Kiala just gaped as they melted into his hands. All she could do was stare, her mouth partially open. Did nothing surprise Koji? When he said he thought it would be a good idea to pay the old woman a visit, she expected him to feel bad for her and her horrid living conditions, but he had only laughed at her description, and now, here were a couple of wild animals loving up against him in front of a house that so clashed with Kiala’s memories it nearly hurt her head. Koji looked up at the house, a slight frown on his face. “But if Maura and Luutsy are here, that means Danyaar is here as well.” He said seriously.

“Who?” Kiala demanded. Now she was getting annoyed. She wanted answers.

Koji saw her eyes narrowing, and sighed. “I guess I have strung you along enough.” Now he grinned. “These two are actually a few hundred years old. Good old Kitsune magic has increased their life span and stunted their growth. Danyaar said that if he was going to have companions, he wanted them to live as long as him, and that they had to be cute… in order to woo pretty girls.” Now he laughed as he saw Kiala’s face twist in confusion. “Come to think of it, you’re a pretty girl… so is it working? Do you feel overwhelmed by their charm yet?”

“Well, I guess… but… Kitsune magic?” Now it made a little more sense. Whoever Danyaar was… he had to be a Kitsune. A Samo-Yan. A surge of excitement suddenly rushed through her. She might get to meet a Fox Kin.

Koji laughed. “A little slow this morning, are you?”

“I am not!” She exclaimed.
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super gorgeous, well done
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Maybe, I do like drawing foxes
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