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July 17, 2008
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Welvin Sky by manic-goose Welvin Sky by manic-goose
his is a welvin... the word I created for winged wolves in my story. I will be fully coloring this one as well. I hope you like. ^^

From near the beginning of 'in the Time of Dragons'
Just a note... dA is being wierd and turing capitol ps into emoticons... like this... “Perfect timing?” so when you see that, just read it as a p please.

They were laughing when they finally arrived. Isoruku Sensei was watching them with a little gleam in his eyes and a mirthful twist to his lips, but he said nothing as the two took their places on the tatami mats.

“Now then,” he began as the giggles subsided. “In spite of how you two got a little carried away out there, it is clear that you both have learned all that I can teach you. That is to say you both know the final succession technique, and with perfect timing.” Kiala and Ryu looked at him, listening, and confused.

“Perfect timing?” Kiala queried.

He nodded. “Today is a momentous day. Ryu, it was on this day, ten years ago that I found you. You were around five at the time, but because we don’t know the day you were born, I have marked this as the day of your coming of age.”

Kiala was so happy to hear this that she threw her arms around him and sang out, “Happy birthday Ryu-kun!” Ryu only stared, dumbfounded. It had already been ten years? He was coming of age? That was a shock. A moment ago, he was referring to himself as no more than a boy, and now he finds he is a man. He found himself glancing at Kiala out of the corner of his eye, all kinds of thought parading through his head.

Miakai fluttered in from a window at that moment, a fat rat in her clutches. She landed on the table in front of Ryu and dropped her prize onto his lap. She chirruped happily at him. I got this for you. You should eat it right away while it is still warm.

“Um,” Ryu said, looking at the mangled rodent. His stomach squirmed at the thought, and he wondered how he could politely tell her he didn’t want it. “I… Miakai, I…”

Miakai started to purr… or more accurately, laugh at him as she scooped it up and proceeded to start chomping it. I was only joking. I didn’t know today was a special day for you, and I know how you hate these… for some reason. Kiala laughed when she heard this and playfully elbowed Ryu. In an instant, her meal was gone, and everyone gawked at her, wondering how she could wolf it down so fast.

Isoruku coughed, to imply he had more to say. Though he could not hear Miakai’s thoughts, he knew all too well when the youngsters were conversing with her. The expression in their eyes would grow more distant. At his cough, they all looked at him to hear what he had to say… or more accurately, figure out what he was up to. “Seeing as it is such a monumental day, you both are now graduated from my school as students today.” Kiala looked at him in shock. “Yes, Kiala, you too, though no one else knows of this, and though I tried to stop you, there is no denying that you have also learned from me and grown into a fine warrior.” Kiala sat more straight, swelling with pride at this accomplishment. “So I have asked you here today to give you both something. I don’t have much to offer these days, but I know you will appreciate what I have to offer.” Ryu and Kiala looked at each other in shock. Isoruku had gifts for them? When did he get them? How? Where did he get the money? They shrugged and looked at him curiously. “But first, you need to hear a story about this gift so you understand its true value.”

Ryu groaned. Not another fairytale. Isoruku Sensei chuckled at his reaction and Kiala looked at him questioning. He said nothing. Kiala didn’t know that it was his sensei’s habit to find useless junk, and make up ludicrous stories about them to make them seem valuable. He used to eat that stuff up as a kid, until he found out otherwise. He remembered particularly well how he was given a rock, and how he was told that a Samo-Yan Earth Master had enchanted it to protect his younger half human brother who chose to live in the human world. The rock was supposed to ensure that whoever carried it was safe from harm; it supposedly moved of its own will to block attacks. He found out otherwise the hard way. Whatever his sensei had to offer now was most likely of no value what-so-ever, but he didn’t’ want to ruin the moment for either Kiala or his sensei, so he remained dutifully silent as his master continued.

“Long ago, a prophet of remarkable talent made a prediction about the end of civilization. He said that the end would come on the burning red wings of a Welvin and like a phoenix rising, new life would be born from the death of the old. … Or something like that. Seeing how this prophet was so accurate in all his other predictions, everyone took it very seriously. A Welvin would somehow be responsible for the destruction of humanity, it was decided. Some accepted the fate of mankind, others chose to reinterpret it, and many grew defensive and angry. Those who felt that way decided to fight against fate. If there were no Welvin, it was thought, than the prophecy could not come to pass.”

Both of them knew something about this. They remembered seeing pictures of beautiful creatures; wolves with massive wings that flew through the sky, but they also knew that they were hunted into extinction. Kiala felt anger at this. How could they? How dare they hunt a species into nothingness, and how dare they feel proud about it? Now, at least, she knew they had reason, though if people were like that, perhaps they deserved to be wiped out. Ryu simply felt sorry for the creatures.

“At first, they just hunted for any Welvin they could find, and killed it. This wasn’t easy though because even before they were being hunted, Welvin were very elusive creatures. It was next to impossible to find any. One had to venture deep into the forest and risk the vengeance of the Samo-Yan Guard in order to find them at all, and even then, most trips were futile. How was anyone to know if the Welvin were truly extinct if one never saw them in the first place? A wizard had their answer. He explained that all the Welvin were bound in life to their Queen.

“You see, Welvin are like wolves in a lot of ways, but instead of many little packs, they have one great pack, and one alpha female as their leader. Sure, there are groups within the pack, but all are members of the one pack and all would show their bellies to the one. She was said to be the origin of all other Welvin, and the Wizard said that to kill her would be to kill all of them, for without her life-force, none of the others had a life-force. He told them that they would recognize her for her white coat and distinctive blue markings. Upon learning this, an immense bounty was set up for her, and every hunter who considered himself skilled set out to kill this one Welvin.”

“Those creeps! How could anyone take it upon themselves to do something like that?” Kiala fumed.

“People are less then honorable when they choose to be driven by fear.” Ryu commented. He spoke from experience. He had seen this ugly face of humanity many times. Kiala knew only of people who chose to face their fears and live or die with honor, so the idea of succumbing to fear seemed alien to her. Ryu envied her that.

“One hunter was more zealous than the rest, making it his life’s work to destroy the Queen of Death, as he called her. His efforts were very fruitful too, because after ten years of hunting devotedly, he came out of the forest with the dead body of a majestic Welvin with a luxurious coat of white with remarkable blue markings. He received the bounty and built… well, he built a palace with it. He had her stuffed and mounted in a snarling pose and invited people to look upon her, for a small fee of course. He has been living well off of that ever since, for even today, people can go to his home and pay to look upon the Queen of flying wolves.

“No one ever questioned him, because after that, there were no more Welvin sightings, not even the rare glimpse of a possibility of one as there had been before of often before. He was recognized as a hero and word spread fast. When I heard of this, I had reason to doubt him.”

Kiala looked at him with more interest, and Ryu smiled. He wanted to believe this fairy tale.

“When I was young, I liked to go out into the woods alone to day dream, to practice, and just enjoy nature. On one such trip, I was laying in a field of grass when I dozed off. A jingling sound pulled me awake and when I opened my eyes the day was nearing an end, but I did not get up to return home for I saw something in the sky that I had only heard of from wandering hermits. The sky was filled with them. Beautiful, graceful, elegant Welvin, all flying in formation behind one. She was playing up there. She had a ribbon with bells on it. It was obviously enchanted from the way it swirled around her body so perfectly. The others were playing as well, but none of them had a toy, it was as if they were dancing, and she was the lead dancer. I don’t know how long I watched, entranced, but the game ended suddenly, when the ribbon slipped from her sleek form and fell in a ringing heap at my side. Naturally, she followed it, landing not more than five feet from me, and I saw her clearly. She was white, with an incredibly long, flowing tail. Her eyes were the deepest blue I had ever seen, and she had remarkable blue markings. Her feet, nose, ears, and the tip of her tail were blue and she had patterns on her wings, forehead and next to the eyes made from diamonds and circles. The others landed around her, and I saw that many of them were blue and white, but not all.

“Being this close, they noticed me for the first time. I held perfectly still, and she looked at me. I looked at her, and a felt a depth to her unlike anything I have felt before or since. She seemed to be laughing. She glanced at the ribbon she dropped, and I followed her gaze. I felt a rush of wind and when I looked again, she was gone. Just like that. She used magic to manipulate the wind and give her flight speed. I knew then that she would live forever. She was uncatchable and untamable, wise, but playful. And she left me a gift. I don’t know why. Maybe she could get another one any time she wanted.

“Well naturally, when I heard this man had killed her, I had reason to doubt, as I said. How could he? She was surrounded by her own kind who would die to protect her, and she was far too swift to be hit by anything. On top of that, she seemed to have control over magic, which she could surely use to protect herself. More so, how many Welvin in the skies were blue and white? I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it, so I packed up and went to the hunter’s home. I paid my fee and I went in to see what he had.

“It was a Welvin alright, and female. It was white with blue markings. Much like her, it had blue paws nose, ears and tail, but it had no other patters. It was not her. I prayed over the fallen one and left, not saying a word. The Welvin had disappeared because it was easy to do. I believe that when they realized that the humans thought they had killed them all, they ventured into the forest, where they thrive in the center of the Samo-Yan Empire, utterly safe from the humans who no longer hunt them. As long as everyone believes them dead, they are safe.”

He stopped speaking at that moment when he saw tears touching the edges of Kiala’s eyes, threatening to spill over. Then he saw she was smiling. “So they aren’t gone.” She whispered triumphantly. “The oppressed can escape their fate.” She looked warmly at Ryu, who in spite of his doubts, found himself smiling as well. Isoruku pulled a small box out from under the table and opened it to pull out a beautiful golden ribbon with bells tied to it.

“I told you this because I know Miakai will personally murder you both if you tell on them.” He smiled when he said this and Miakai nodded in agreement, though they both knew neither would ever do such a thing. “Now, I am not sure how you two will divide this, but...”

“I’ll take the ribbon.” Kiala announced eagerly. “Ryu can have the bells.”

“What am I going to do with bells?” Ryu asked. He didn’t particularly care, as far as he was concerned, she could have the whole thing.

“I don’t care.” She said, as Isoruku handed her the ribbon. She set straight to work untying them. One, two, three… there were seven in all. As she removed the last one, something miraculous happened. They all began to glow, and in an instant, they were all nothing but points of light. Everyone suddenly stared, open mouthed, at them. Finally, Miakai started to meow.

This is an ancient spell, She marveled, from the origin world in fact. Find something you wish to channel the power of transformation through, place all seven points on it and they will obey the will of the user.

Ryu was up in an instant. He took his boken from its place and brought it back to the table

“What did she say?” Isoruku asked. It was clear in his voice that he had no idea that this would happen. He had never tried to remove the bells, only admired the ribbon as a treasured memory, never seeing it as having potential for use.

“They can transform into something if they are placed on something to channel their power through, and that they obey the will of the user.” Kiala said. As she spoke, Ryu was eagerly taking each point of light and placing them evenly on his wooden training sword. He was startled to feel that they were warm. As soon as he touched one to the sword, it would stay in place.

“They do?” Isoruku sensei considered this. “And the Queen only wanted them to be bells. Interesting.”

Ryu placed the final light on the end of the handle and the entire sword came to life with light for an instant. When it settled, it was a katana of striking beauty. They saw seven circles carved into the hilt and sheath. He held it out to find it perfectly balanced, and when he drew it. The blade gleamed in the sunlight from out the window. Beautiful.

“ooh.” All three of them breathed at once. Miakai rolled her cat eyes.

You’re not very creative Ryu. Try making it into something… more impressive.

“What?” Ryu said, feeling hurt.

Put it back, and draw it again. This time, think of something more impressive, like a sword made of rubies or a giant scythe made of diamonds. She was purring now at the thought of so much sparkling.

“Oh, I… but…” Ryu shrugged. It was worth a try. After all, she knew more about this stuff than he did. He put it back and thought hard.

“Doesn’t he have to take the … um… bells off again?” Kiala asked. But as if to answer her question, Ryu drew it again, this time a flower came out. The hilt flashed slightly, turning into a stem, and Ryu smiled triumphantly at his accomplishment. He held it out to examine it. It was red and yellow, shaped like a lily, but with longer petals that twisted in unique ways.

A FLOWER??? Miakai yowled at him. You are impossible. I meant big and scary. Some warrior you’re going to be! Oh, no! He has a flower! Everyone run! He’ll throw petals at us! We’re all doomed to die a petal-y death! Woe is me!

“I can do that?” Ryu asked. “Throw petals? Or maybe.” Without waiting for Miakai to stop complaining, he plucked the flower and handed it to Kiala, then proceeded to put the stem back. Another flash of light turned it into a hilt again. He drew it out slightly, to see the blade was still there.

“It’s gone.” Kiala gaped, looking at her now empty hand. Ryu sighed. So much for that idea. He was hoping he had found an infinite source of flowers to give her, but alas, that was not to be.

“I tried.” He said smiling ruefully at her. She grinned.

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Oh, bother. Miakai moaned.

“Well,” Kiala said, now looking at the ribbon in her hands. “This probably does something too, but I wonder what.” She shrugged and decided to tie it in her hair for the time being. As she tied, she found it was the perfect length. Smiling, she stood. “I’m going to show everyone this ribbon. I think it fits my hair perfectly.” She was beaming now, looking forward to figuring out what it could do.

Isoruku thought he might already know. His memories about the ribbon were that it was long enough to wrap around the body of the Welvin from toe to tip of the tail, and now it was short enough to fit perfectly in Kiala’s hair. He smiled, pleased with himself at having found a worthy present for each of them.
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